Who we are

Padgett Risk Consultants was formed in 2007. We specialize in providing the expertise needed to navigate the safety and risk factors involved with running a business. PRC is a company dedicated to helping medium to small size companies fulfill their obligations to provide a safe work environment to their employees. PRC also provides practical solutions to managing in an economic way, the day to day risks. Finally, the PRC plus system provides a total management control system throughout the multiple levels of employment. Our expertise and unprecedented experience in the areas of OSHA, EPA, and the insurance industry allows us to manage your company’s risk in the most efficient and professional manner.

PRC has grown into a multi-industry company with a loyal customer base. PRC chooses its clients based on willingness to proceed with the correct way of maintaining a proper risk program. The digital world has allowed us to advance to a level that no other safety and risk company can reach.

Please do not hesitate to call. We do not use automated answering services or online FAQ to assist you, we are a one on one based business dedicated to providing professional level service.

Our Team

  • Ryan Padgett

    Ryan Padgett


  • Matt Ferman

    Matt Ferman

    Safty Officer

  • Billy Padgett

    Billy Padgett

    Safety Officer

  • Kim Carver

    Kim Carver

    Safety Officer


  • personal osha experience

  • government recognized safety training