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safety program


Comprehensive Written Safety Program

Written Safety Programs are required for all businesses. We provide a comprehensive written safety program as well as the expertise and training to actually implement the program specifics. This requires training of management, admin, and labor. PRC provides every aspect to kick start your safety culture.


Effectively Train Employees and New Hires

PRC provides a full line of safety courses. These come in many forms, both mandatory and non-mandatory. Courses include trade safety, general employee safety, lunch and learn, OSHA Competent Person, OSHA 10 and 30 Hour, etc. We specialize in on site training at your facility for your convenience. All courses are available in Spanish, en Español too!


Supervise and Inform All Third Party Personnel

Your contractors, volunteers and third-party personnel need to be informed and supervised as well.


Jobsite and System Audits

OSHA requires employers to provide for periodic and frequent inspection of the workplace. With the use of experienced site auditors or safety inspectors, we perform job specific site visits to determine safety compliance. This includes written reports with recommendations. PRC provides a mock OSHA inspection, giving the client a life like depiction of how OSHA works and the possible fines that may have been used. Bilingual Safety Inspections are available en Español!


Enforce Your Compliance Program

The PRC+ System keeps track of all your employee training and will notify them of courses they haven’t completed yet. Compliance is maintained by revoking certificates to force retraining of workers.