How Does Your Risk Management Program Measure Up?



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Safety First!  You’ve heard it, you’ve read it, you may be lucky enough to work for a company who actually practices it. Padgett Risk Consultants has been in the safety business for 30 years in Georgia and specifically in the Utility Underground sector. Ryan Padgett has heard the famous safety-first motto thousands of times, but he noticed several years ago that some companies’ “Safety First” comes with a second part. The phrase is more accurately expressed by saying “Safety First, unless it’s going to cost us time and money”. 

This is why Padgett Risk Consultants built the online tool called PRC PLUS. You may have heard of apps that allow for training videos or forms, but every program falls short in one specific area. They do not take into account the uniqueness of your company. Not every company does things similarly. Most companies build a software company and then try to find an industry to match it the software. Padgett Risk is that rare company that built a software platform for the utility contractor. As mentioned before, safety matters unless it gets in the way. 

The PRC PLUS system allows companies to remove the time burden from your safety process.  In other words, it allows your safety personnel to be most efficient by not spending time in front of a screen or digging through files. Unlike any other online safety application, PRC PLUS is set up differently for each contractor with a real safety professional creating the training regimen needed for the type of job each employee performs. Safety can be a pain, but we know it’s necessary. 

Imagine speaking to a real person when you call a software provider instead of an answering service or a person from another country. PRC PLUS allows you to train every new hire at or before hire without draining valuable time from a safety officer or HR manager. Every new hire and current employee are guaranteed to have all required or assigned training completed and available at request from any device with internet access. This greatly increases the efficiency of the safety officers in your company because they are now on the job actually making a difference versus sitting in an office. 

In addition, any certificate from organizations such as GUCA can be added to the program with automatic alerts telling both the company and the employee that it’s time to renew. Finally, all forms, documents and reports are created and kept within the system so that you do not have to be in the office to access vital safety information. 

Is PRC PLUS Right For Your Company?

  1. Is all of your training available in Spanish as well as English?
  2. Does your program include items such as driver and operator training?
  3. Can you produce current certificates for ongoing and consistent training for each and every employee, subcontractor, or past employee in an instant from any device?
  4. Do you and your employees get instant alerts when any training module, form, or document is coming due or goes out of date?
  5. Can you send all forms, documents, or reports to any worker or group of workers with a few touches of the phone?
  6. Do all of your employees have access to forms that allow for actual pictures and signatures that become instantly available to managers?
  7. Would you give everyone in your company a one-time 10 cent raise to guarantee that there is never a liability of having an untrained employee in the field?

PRC PLUS also has several other functions that are top secret. Several GUCA members and thousands of their employees are currently using this system. The sad thing is that some members choose a large software company package thinking that it is better. The reality is that those software companies have no idea what we do in the underground industry. The fact is PRC PLUS is hands down better than any online safety training tool that exists.

Padgett Risk Consultants was formed by Ryan Padgett nearly two decades ago after Ryan’s dad, Billy Padgett, sold his company. The focus has always been underground construction and development. What really makes them special is the combination of a software platform combined with the expertise of the ground troop army of specialists to best serve you and your company needs. Over ten thousand employees have been trained and currently hold certificates through this process. 

We are a small company that simply asks you to give a fellow member of GUCA a chance by calling us today and we will happily visit with you.  Reach out to Ryan directly at 404-787-9419 or

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